Month: June 2015

Largest Commissioned Painting Yet!

I’m grateful to announce that I have completed my largest (left picture) commissioned piece to date! This “dot painting” measures 4 ft tall by 5 ft wide. The composition and most of the color of the piece is reflective of the original (right picture) with some artistic creativity thrown in. I am taking commissions so Read More …

First Art Show; Going until July 8th

I visited the pieces today and got a handful of shots. Currently I have 8 pieces displayed which I guess comprises my life’s work?!…so far :). I will be changing pieces out as they are sold or I feel like cycling some fresh pieces in. I’d appreciate feedback!

Upcoming Art Show!

I’m proud to announce that this Friday, June 12th, will be the kick-off of my first art show which will be on display until July 8th! Many of my pieces are done, but I have much more work to do not only on the show pieces but also on a commissioned piece as well. I Read More …