Ready, Set, Art!

I am all moved over from my previous site! While there are some minor wrinkles to iron out, the transition was substantially less painless than I was envisioning. In the coming months I will be rolling out with additional website features. Along with these features will also be a blog entry to introduce you to the new content.

I have been dormant with my painting as I adjust to living here in Detroit. I've been focusing on the business end of things and this site is one aspect of that. Additionally I've been networking with the expansive creative community, searching out venues, and making sure once I have school resources, that I can begin producing quality work as soon as possible.

An awesome aspect of attending the College for Creative Studies (CCS) is that as a student I have access to all the workshops after a standard orientation/safety intro. This will include a small to medium format 3D printer, digital painting tablets, glassblowing studio, a pottery kiln, and wood shop.

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